nvidia shield with kodi and iptv

How To Easily Install Kodi On Nvidia Shield 2019

With Nvidia shield being one of the best android devices this is the perfect device for installing Kodi and have it all running smoothly as it should.

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So let’s get to it the first thing you will want to do is go to the Google Play Store which is in Apps on the left-hand side of your screen.

Now the next step is to go to the search button and press ok on the remote or Nvidia shield joypad.

Click on search button to install kodi on nvidia shield

Once you have done that you can speak and say the word “Kodi” for the app to appear or type Kodi in if you really must.

Searching For Kodi on the shield

Now press ok on the Kodi thumbnail and choose install and this will start to install the latest version of Kodi on your shield so just wait a few seconds until you see it say open and press ok to open this great media player.

Now you will want to set up Kodi so it has everything you need, so follow the below carefully.

Important Notice: Before you carry on we can’t stress this enough but make sure you use a VPN it is vital nowadays with ISP logging what you do so with Kodi THIS IS A MUST.

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They have great prices and are only one of a few VPN providers who do not save logs like 90% of other VPN providers. Plus they have a native app on the Nvidia shield as well you can simply go in the google app store and download the app on to the shield.


How To Set Up And Configure Kodi On The Nvidia Shield


Once you open Kodi you will be met by a message that sats Kodi requires access to your device media and files, this is fine choose continue and then Allow.

Now you will be in the main Kodi screen same as the picture below so this is where all the fun begins.

Kodi Main Screen

What you will want to do first of all is go to the settings cog icon at the top of the screen and press ok. Now go to System and once inside go to Add-ons.

Then scroll across to Unknown sources then press ok on it and say yes to the warning and this will allow us to install 3rd party apps which we will need to do.

Now press back once and go to the first icon labelled File Manager. Once inside go to Add source on the left-hand side and press ok.

You will now need to press ok where it says <None> and then enter this web address below exactly as you see it.


Then where it says enter a name for this media source you can give it any name you like but its best to just call it Xanax for ease of use then press OK.

the repo screen

Now you will see just above the word Add source the word xanax or whatever you set the name to this is good and means you got the web address correct so you can now press back on the remote and go to the second Icon called Add-Ons.

Once inside Add-ons go to Install from zip file and then go to the name you called the repo so should be Xanax and press ok then go to xanax-repo.zip and you guessed it press ok again.

Then you will see a little popup box say it say Xanax repository installed after 5 seconds or so this is fine. You will then need to go inside Install from repository then down to Xanax repository and then inside Program add-ons.

You will see Xanax Wizard just hit ok and you will see the Xanax splash screen just choose to install at the bottom and it will install quick.

Now you will see a box appear with a lot of settings for you to choose just leave everything the same and choose continue and then press ok into the Build Menu.

All the Xanax builds will present themselves to you so go ti the latest build which is currently 18.2 and we have the Leia Kodi build and press ok to start the download and installation of the build.

Xanax 18 Build Screen

Then on the next screen go to the bottom and where it says Fresh Install choose that as when you put a new build on any Kodi its best to do a Fresh install in our experience.

It will ask if you want to restore Kodi configuration to default choose Continue.

Notice: You may need to try different Host if host 1 does not finish downloading or try host 3 if host 2 does not work. What we find with this is on your VPN you can choose a country such as the Netherlands and it all seems to download and work fine if you are having issues downloading the build.

Now sit back and watch it download and install this can take anywhere from 4 minutes up to 20 minutes depending on your internet speed but first, it will download then install by itself.

Once it has done what it needs to do by itself you will be met by a prompt that will ask you to force close Kodi choose yes and this will close Kodi then go back into Kodi and there you have it one of the best Kodi builds of 2019 waiting for you to check out its magic.

Also once you first go in Kodi now after installing the build or any new build for that matter always give it a few minutes to self update any add ons it wants to and remember to use the VPN we recommend above to stop your ISP from logging your activity.

If you want to see how to set up IPTV on your Nvidia Shield then follow our guide.