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Installing STB Emulator On A Firestick Or Android Box

If you have used a mag box before and fell in love with its simplicity and menu then you will be thankful to know that there is an app for firesticks and android based devices that mimicks a mag box.

Here at Top Dog IPTV we prefer to use the iptv smarters app but we know there are some people who will want their device to feel like using a mag box but with all the other benefits that an android based device brings.

You will need to download STB emulator from the play store if using an android box so that’s all straightforward.

If you are using firestick you will need to do some extra steps by following the below but don’t worry its all quite easy once you get stuck in.


Install STB Emulator On A Firestick

What you need to do is download and install an app called downloader by using your firestick to search for the app. The app looks like this below

installing the downloader app

Once you have downloaded and installed the app you will need to go inside the app then go to the part where you can type a website address in and type this URL in then click on the Go at the bottom and this will start to download STB emu and also install it.


How To Set Up STB Emulator

Once you have the app installed go inside the app then go to settings and then profiles and choose to make a new profile.

Please note: Before anything else make sure you have an iptv subscription from us to get the best out of your IPTV viewing and more.

Now when making a profile you can choose any name you like as the profile name and where it says portal URL you will get this once you have purchased an IPTV subscription from us or anywhere else.

Once you have entered these details in you just need to save it then find your mac code and send us your mac code from the settings so we can activate your code on our system.

Once you have done the above you will just need to reload the portal or exit the app and go back into it then you will see all the channels working fine and you now have a carbon copy of a mag box but with more perks due to your box being android based.