How To Set Up IPTV On A Amazon Firestick 2019

The amazon firestick as this is the most commonly used device for IPTV and it is one of the best as the sticks can do a lot more than just IPTV and most households have a firestick.

What you will want to do is set up your firestick if you have not already set it up such as connecting it to Wifi network etc. Now once on the amazon home screen on the firestick press up and then go across to the search button or simply hold the microphone button on the remote which will bring up the built-in Alexa and say the word “Downloader

If you are using an old firestick without Alexa just go to the search icon on the home screen by following the above and then type the word Downloader until it appears the app icon and then click on it.

Now you need to simply install the app called Downloader and wait until it installs and this app will allow us to install the app called IPTV Smarters Pro which is the best iptv app to use with our IPTV subscription which you can BUY HERE.

Once downloader has installed you need to click into it then you will be met with a screen like this below if not just use your remote buttons up and down to go to the top word on the list called Home on the left hand side of the screen.

adding topdog iptv in the downloader app


Ok now you will need to enter this URL in below the part that says Enter URL of the website.

Once you have entered the URL in you can press on the Go button just below and this will start to download the app IPTV Smarters Pro you may need to wait for 2 minutes and then you will s a screen say IPTV Smarters you just need to choose install then open the app once it has installed.



How To Setup And Configure IPTV Smarters Pro


What you need to do once the app is open is hold the down button to get past all the terms of use and once at the bottom press ok to accept them. Now you will need to enter your username and password and special URL we send you. You can find this all inside the welcome email that is sent out to you if you have purchased an IPTV subscription from ourselves.

You will simply enter your username where it says username and then your password in the password section along with the special link we give you. Once you have entered all the info in there is a little tick box that says Remember me be sure to go down to that and tick it so you don’t have to enter your username and password in again. Once you have done that just simply click on Login and then it will log in.

Now once you have logged in you will see Live TV, Movies, Series etc. What you want to do is go to the little settings cog at the top of the screen and press ok on it. Then go into General Settings and make sure you untick the box that says AutoStart on Bootup otherwise everything your firestick or android box comes on it will automatically load into this app. Then scroll to the bottom and choose Save Changes.

disable autoboot on startup

Now you will want to do one last thing which is to click on the button labelled Install EPG to install the TV guide this may take around 1 minute. Once it has finished press the back button on remote and now you can go into Live TV and watch any channel you want.